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SIEGER began its journey about three decades back as machinery manufacturer for textile -spinning mills. Over the years, SIEGER as a company has registered consistent and sustainable growth by adding value to all the stakeholders and has deepened its roots in India and the global markets. SIEGER is continuing to march ahead as one of the largest manufacturers of spinning mill automation & machinery in India and expanding its footprint across the globe. SIEGER is one of the few companies that are skilled and equipped to manufacture a wide range of spinning mill automation & machinery.

SIEGER is a leading manufacturer of automation solutions, specializing in three distinct fields: Textile Machinery Division, Car Parking Systems and Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS).


SIEGER's commitment to empowering businesses through intelligent automation is making global leaps and bounds. As the company expands its operations from East to West, Vietnam to the United States, our customers will have access to its game-changing solutions, increasing their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness in an ever-improving technological environment.

About Us


About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
  • World-class manufacturing facility with a professionally managed set-up
  • State of the art manufacturing facility with a built-up area is 20,000 sq.m
  • Sieger has close to 3 decades of engineering expertise with a Pan India presence
  • In-depth experience in erecting & servicing machines & automation systems
  • With over 70+ engineers involved full-time in customer service
  • Pan India marketing & service network built over the past decade
  • Automation Machinery manufactured & installed by Sieger work 24/7 worldwide




Sieger has been a trusted partner in the textile industry, providing cutting-edge automation solutions that streamline every step of production. From automated Bale storage systems to Automatic Storage & Retrieval of finished garments, our automation solutions inject precision and efficiency into the textile workflow. We understand the delicate nature of fiber to Garments. Our systems are intricately designed to ensure gentle handling while maximizing throughput and minimizing errors and waste.



Our portfolio includes a wide range of Parking solutions, automated multi-level parking, Tower parking, rotary parking systems, and space-saving underground parking solutions. These systems optimize parking space utilization and enhance security, convenience, and user experience. Whether for commercial complexes, residential buildings, or public spaces, Sieger parking solutions offer a sustainable approach to urban parking challenges.



Our modular and scalable systems offer customized storage and retrieval solutions for diverse sectors of industries, from e-commerce giants to manufacturing facilities. From automated pallet racking systems to high-speed vertical carousels, our ASRS solutions optimize warehouse space, improve picking accuracy, and streamline inventory management, boosting operational efficiency and profitability.